Toxicity of cassava manipueira (Manihot esculenta Crantz) and erva-de-rato (Palicourea marcgravii St. Hill) to adults of Toxoptera citricida Kirkaldy (Homoptera: Aphididae)

The utilization of plant extracts might be an alternative for the control of crop pests. Between the plants with insecticide potential, stands-out: Erva-de-rato (Palicourea marcgravii) and the Cassava, a byproduct of the manipueira (Manihot esculenta),common plants in the amazon region. That work had as main objective , to investigate the insecticide potential of Manihot esculenta (manipueira of cassava) and Palicourea marcgravii (erva-de-rato) on Toxoptera citricida (brown citrus aphid), in experimental conditions. The freeze dryed Manipueira and and Erva-de-rato extracts, were sprayed on citrus plants infected by brown citros aphid. In laboratory, extracts of these two plants were obtained in five concentrations (10mg/ml, 20mg/ml, 30mg/ml, 40mg/ml and 50mg/ml). All the analyzed concentrations (10 to 50mg/ml) caused mortality on T. citricida of above 50%, and the higher concentration of 50mg/ml caused the mortality of all the insects (n = 100%) in application processes contact. The potential of these extracts, as demonstrated in the tests, confirms that they can be an insecticide alternative, for the control of the brown citrus aphid.

Botanical insecticide; Pest; Alternative control

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