Repot of Passalora bougainvilleae (Muntañola) Castañeda & Braun associated with Bougainvillea spectablis Willd. in Boa Vista, Roraima

The fungi Passalora bougainvilleae is reported, for the first time, Boa Vista, Roraima state, causing leaf spots on ornamental specie Bougainvillea spectabilis. The fungi characteristics are conidiophores hypophyllous in fascicles arising from the upper cells of a stroma subcuticular at old spots. The conidiphores are smooth, straight, pale brown, non-branched, mostly aseptate, 26-57µm x 4µm. Conidiogenous cells terminal, sympodial with black and thin scars. Conidia solitary, pale brown, obclavate, straight to slightly flexuous, 32-70 µm x 4-5 µm, 3 septate, rounded at apex, truncate at base, with a conspicuous hilum.

Passalora bougainvilleae; Bouganvillea spectabilis; Cercosporoid; Roraima; Amazon

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