Two new Haploporidae (Trematoda) of Fishes from the Brazilian state of Rondônia

Dois novos Haploporidae (Trematoda) de Peixes do estado de Rondônia, Brasil

Two new Haploporidae (Trematoda) are described from fishes of the State of Rondônia, Brazil. Rondotrema microvitellarum gen. et sp. n., an intestinal parasite of Hemiodus microlepis, is characterized as having intercecal vitellaria limited to one small cluster on either side postero-lateral to the ovary. Lecithobotrioides elongatus sp. n., from Prochilodus nigricans, has an elongate, cylindrical body, short thick ceca, a small hemaphroditic sac and extensive vitellaria.

fish parasites; trematodes; haploporids; Brazil; Amazonia

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