Nutritional quality of three species of chlorophyceae cultured in the laboratory

Elsa R. HARDY José Gerley D. CASTRO About the authors

Three species of Chlorophyceae algae Scenedesmus quadricauda (Brèbisson, 1835), Ankistrodesmus gracilis (Korsikov, 1953) and Pediastrum duplex (Meyen, 1829), were cultivated in the laboratory, using as a culture medium chemical fertilizer N:P:K in the proportions 20:5:20, respectively. Total chlorophyll-a and organic carbon content were used to evaluate the nutritional values of the three algae. All presented good nutritive values, however, the percentage of carbon versus dry weight was higher in Scenedesmus quadricauda (21%) compared with the other species analysed. The three species were considered to be suitable food for zooplankton.

Algae; Chlorophyceae; Chemical analysis; Culture

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