Litterfall production in the Brazilian mid-western Amazonia-Cerrado transition forest

The objective of the present work was to verify the variation of litterfall production of different biomass: a cerrado ("savanna") with vegetation types Cerrado sensu stricto ("orchard-like vegetation") and Cerradão ("woodland-like vegetation") and Amazonia-Cerrado transition forest in a tropical climate. To determine the litterfall production, we used nylon screen traps. Micrometereologic data was collected in both areas of study. The litterfall in two biomass revealed themselves as seasonal, with the highest productions occurring during the dry season and the lowest during the wet. The biggest litterfall occurred in the Transition Forest, followed by the Cerrado biome. Leaf fraction was more representative than twigs, flowers, fruits in both areas studied.

Litterfall; Cerrado sensu stricto; Cerradão; Amazonia-Cerrado transition forest

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