Induction of secondary metabolites in plantlets of Hypericum brasiliense Choisy in vitro

Mariella Araújo Luna Velloso Ilka Nacif Abreu Paulo Mazzafera About the authors

The production of rutin, quercetin, 1,5-dihydroxyxanthone and betulinic acid was investigated in plantlets of H. brasieliense in vitro, and exposed to salycilic acid, poliethylene glycol, NaCl, 24-epibrassinolide, benzothiadiazole (BION), methyljasmonate and increased concentrations of boron and nitrogen in the liquid culture medium. Evaluations of the contents were carried out after 5 and 10 days of treatments. The highest increase was observed in quercetin in the salycilic acid and B treatments after 5 days of exposure, and in 24-epibrassinolide and BION after 10 days.

Betulinic acid; Quercetin; Rutin; Xanthone

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