Evaluation of formalin and copper sulfate on monogenetic parasite (Urocleidoides sp.) of Hemigrammus sp. (Osteichthyes: Characidae) juveniles

The objective of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of formalin and copper sulphate to controlm onogeneans injuvenile Hemigrammus spand its effect on leukocyte count. We used acompletely randomized design with five treatments and three replications. All treatments lasted for three days and consisted of: T1, control; T2 and T3 immersion bath for one hour in formalin, an of two concentrations of 0.25ml formalin and the other 0.1mlL-1; the T4 bath for 24 hours with 0,025 ml of formalin-L -1; and T5, bath 24 hours with copper sulphate (0.3 mgL-1). After the experimental period was observed that T2, 100% mortality. The T3 and T5 provided 100% efficiency, however, fish presented mortalities and intoxication of the 66 and 80% respectively. T4 showed an efficacy of 77.7% and decrease in parasitological indices: total number of parasites of 11, 3 ± 9, mean infection intensity of 3.2 ± 2 and a prevalence of 47.1%. As the leukocytes was observed that at T3, T4 and T5 occurred differences in the proportionof lymphocytes, monocytes and neutrophilsas compared to control. The CuSO4 and formalin reduce the parasite load, but presented to be toxicat higher concentrations.

control; CuSO4; formalin; monogenea

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