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Feeding of the Brycon cephalus, Triportheus elongatus and Semaprochilodus insignis (osteichthyes, characiformes) larvae in Solimões/Amazonas River and floodplain areas.

Alimentação das Larvas de Brycon cephalus, Triportheus elongatus e Semaprochilodus insignis (osteichthyes, characiformes), no rio Solimões/Amazonas e suas áreas Inundáveis.

Information on larval fish feeding is essential for understanding their trophic relations, including the management in conditions totally or partially controlled by humans. An experiment was designed to evaluate the larval diets of three commercially important species. Four varzea-lakes and the adjacent river were sampled with bongo and hand nets from January 1993 to November 1995. Larval diets were evaluated by length-classes and capture sites, and were tested by two factor ANOVA. The larvae were feeding in all habitats, except in the flooded forests. The three species had different diets, which varied with their length and lake. The rotifers were the main initial food item of the three species, replaced by fish larvae in Brycon cephalus, cladocerans in Triportheus elongatus and detritus in Semaprochilodus insignis. The increase of the ingestion limit, as the larvae grew, was higher than the increase in the consumed prey size for the three species.

Amazon; Brazil; feeding; fish larvae; food size

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