Fish consumption and others food itens by the riverine population of the Lago Grande de Monte Alegre, PA - Brazil.

Regina Glória Pinheiro CERDEIRA Mauro Luis RUFFINO Victoria Judith ISAAC About the authors

The present study shows the results on the fish consumption and other food itens by the riparian population from Monte Alegre Lake, Lower Amazon, in Pará State, Brazil. The data were colected monthly during two years jointly with 35 families from 17 fishery communities that practice the fishery with a subsistence or commercial goal, as well as families that not fish. The mean fish consumption was of 369 g/capita/day complemented with 6.1 g/capita/ day of fish flouer, called locally "piracuí". The species preferred were curimatá (Prochilodus nigricans) and acarí-bodó (Liposarcus pardalis). Manioc flouer consumption was higher than in other regions. Families consume fish each 6 days a week. Extrapoling for all population of Lago Grande de Monte Alegre, the fish consumption is more than 3 t/day and about 1,114 t/year.

fish consumption; floodplain lake; Lower Amazon; piracuí; subsistence fishing

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