Diatoms from the Colombian Amazon: some species of the genus Eunotia (Bacillariophyceae)

Diatomáceas da Amazônia colombiana II: algumas espécies do gênero Eunotia (Bacillariophyceae)

Silvia Estela SALA Santiago R. DUQUE Marcela NÚÑEZ-AVELLANEDA Anabel Alejandra LAMARO About the authors

This research was carried out in three of the most important basins of the Colombian Amazon (Upper Solimões, Iça and Japurá Rivers). The creeks and lakes that were studied contain abundant diatom species, particularly those of the genus Eunotia. Ten species are described; five of them are registered for the first time in the Amazon basin, and six in all of Colombia. All taxa were photographed with scanning electron microscopy. Fine valve morphology of E. anamargariate, E. pseudoindica, E. triodon, and E. zydodon var. compacta is described for the first time.

Diatoms; Eunotia; distribution; ecology; Colombian Amazon Basin

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