Emergence of Astrocaryum aculeatum seedlings according temperature and soaking period of seeds

This study evaluated the seedling emergence of Astrocaryum aculetum seeds soaked in water for different periods at different temperatures. The experimental design was entirely randomized, in factorial 4 (temperatures of soaking in water: 25ºC, 30ºC, 35ºC e 40ºC) X 3 (period of soaking: 2, 4 and 6 days), additional treatment (control, without soaking), with four replications. Before (control) and after the soaking periods in different temperatures, the seeds were planted in nursery. The emergence and its velocity differed only in the comparison of the control with the applied treatments, with favorable results of all soak treatments, independent of temperature and duration. The mean time of emergence presented a significant interaction effect, with the four day 40ºC soaking temperature period, presenting a lower mean time (163 days). The initial emergence time was lower in 35ºC temperature (80 days), while the final time didn't show differences among means. Seeds soaked for two days had 50% dead seeds, while seeds soaked for four days had just 38%. Seedling emergence was favored by soaking, independent of temperature and duration.

Palm; tucumã; germination; dormancy; time of emergence

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