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Soil physical properties after selective logging in central amazônia

Soil physical variables were investigated in forest plots submitted to selective logging in Central Amazonia. After logging, soil samples were collected to obtain soil water retention curves and measure: available soil water to the plants, soil density, and total porosity. Temperature measurements were carried out for 13 months, considering six treatments: control, center of the gaps, edge of the gaps, edge of the remaining forest, remaining forest and tractor tracks. Hydraulic conductivity measurements on saturated soil were conducted both on the control forest as well as on the logged plots, with no treatment distinction. The soil showed a low available water storage capacity: only 11 to 18% can be available to the plants, up to 1 meter depth. The temperature of the soil upper layers was influenced by logging, i. e., through the opening of the gaps, light reaches the soil more intensely in the center and edge of gaps, increasing temperatures in relation to the control and the remaining forest.

Water retention curve; soil temperature; hydraulic conductivity; soil physics; selective logging

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