New species of Cybianthus Mart. (Myrsinaceae) from southeastern Brazil

Sigrid Luiza Jung-Mendaçolli Luís Carlos Bernacci Maria de Fátima Freitas About the authors

We described and illustrated a new species of Cybianthus Mart. (Myrsinaceae) from southeastern Brazil: Cybianthus membranaceus Jung-Mendaçolli, Bernacci & M.F.Freitas, that is similar to Cybianthus cuneifolius Mart., but can be easily distinguished by the inflorescences that are much shorter than the leaf blade, plus the thin membranaceous, obovate or oblanceolate leaves, with obtuse-cuspidate apices and concentrated in the distal portion of the branches.

Cybianthus; new species; Myrsinaceae; Atlantic Forest

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