Perception of brittle nails in dermatologic patients: a cross-sectional study* * Study carried out at the Evangelical Teaching Hospital (Hospital Universitário Evangélico de Curitiba - Faculdade Evangélica do Paraná (HUEC - FEPAR) - Curitiba (PR), Brazil.

Percepção de unhas frágeis entre pacientes dermatológicas: um estudo transversal

Giulio Cesar Gequelim Cynthia Yone Kubota Sarah Sanches Daniela Dranka Marcelo Murilo Mejia Fernando Mitsuo Sumiya Juliano Vilaverde Schmitt About the authors

Brittle Nails Syndrome is characterized by fragility of the nail plate, affecting 27% of women. We evaluated dermatology patients in a cross-sectional study about perception of nail fragility. One hundred and thirtyeight women were included, with median age of 36.5 years. Nail examination showed changes in 57% and 49% reported nail fragility. The first three fingernails were the most affected. Onychoschizia was related to onychophagia (OR = 3.29), housework (OR = 2.95) and water contact (OR = 2.44). Onychorrhexis had the strongest association with nail fragility perception (OR = 17.89). The fragility was more perceived by those who were black, of mixed race and atopic, and was associated with depressed mood.

Asthma; Depression; Nail diseases; Race or ethnic group distribution; Risk factors

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