Non-cultured melanocyte/keratinocyte transplantation for the treatment of stable vitiligo on the face: report of two cases* * Study carried out at the Clínica Gabriel Gontijo de Dermatologia - Belo Horizonte (MG), Brazil.

Transplante de suspensão celular de melanócitos/queratinócitos para o tratamento de vitiligo estável na face: relato de dois casos

Mariana Gontijo Ramos Daniel Gontijo Ramos Gabriel Gontijo Camila Gontijo Ramos Tania Nely Rocha Rafael Henrique Rocha About the authors

There are many alternatives to treat vitiligo, including surgical procedures, which are recommended for patients resistant to other therapies. The melanocyte/keratinocyte transplantation consists in the separation of epidermal cells obtained from a donor site and spreading these cells on the depigmented and dermabraded recipient area. Two patients were submitted to transplantation, showing more than 70% repigmentation in the treated areas after four months, both with excellent degree of satisfaction. The method requires some laboratory skills, but represents a simple and safe procedure.

Melanocytes; Transplantation; Vitiligo

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