Small vessel cutaneous vasculitis: etiology, pathogenesis, classification and diagnostic criteria - Part I

Vasculitis is an inflammation of vessel walls. It may range in severity from a self-limited disorder in one single organ to a life-threatening disease due to multiple-organ failure. It has many causes, although they result in only a few histological patterns of vascular inflammation. Vessels of any type in any organ can be affected, a fact that results in a broad variety of signs and symptoms. Different vasculitides with indistinguishable clinical presentations have very different prognosis and treatments. This condition presents many challenges to physicians in terms of classification, diagnosis, appropriate laboratory workup, treatment, and the need for careful follow-up. This article reviews the classification, etiology, pathology and diagnostic criteria of cutaneous vasculitis.

Allergic cutaneous vasculitis; Antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies; Direct fluorescent antibody technique; Hypersensitivity vasculitis; Purpura; Vasculitis; Vasculitis; Vasculitis; Vasculitis

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