Ichthyosis associated with widespread tinea corporis: report of three cases* * Study carried out at the Teaching Hospital of the Federal University of Paraná (HC-UFPR) - Curitiba (PR), Brazil.

Ictiose associada a dermatofitose disseminada: relato de três casos

Camila Fernanda Novak Pinheiro de Freitas Fabiane Mulinari-Brenner Hanae Rafaela Fontana Arthur Conelian Gentili Mariana Hammerschmidt About the authors

Ichthyoses are a common group of keratinization disorders. A non-inflammatory generalized persistent skin desquamation is observed. It is characterized by increased cell turnover, thickening of the stratum corneum and functional changes of sebaceous and sweat glands. All of these favor fungal proliferation. Dermatophytes may infect skin, hair and nails causing ringworm or tinea. They have the ability to obtain nutrients from keratinized material. One of its most prevalent genera is Trichophyton rubrum. Although tineas and ichthyoses are quite common, the association of the two entities is rarely reported in the literature. Three cases of ichthyosis associated with widespread infection by T. rubrum are presented. Resistance to several antifungal treatments was responsible for worsening of ichthyosis signs and symptoms.

Dermatomycoses; Ichthyosis; Therapeutics; Tinea

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