Diabetes mellitus e depressão: uma revisão sistemática

Rodrigo O. Moreira Marcelo Papelbaum José C. Appolinario Amélio G. Matos Walmir F. Coutinho Ricardo M.R. Meirelles Vivian C.M. Ellinger Leão Zagury

The presence of depression in a patient with diabetes mellitus (DM) seems to be related to changes in the clinical course of the disease. The purpose of this study is to perform a systematic review on the association of DM and depression. A bibliographic search was performed using the MEDLINE and LILACS databases to identify relevant articles, published from 1990 to 2001, which evaluate this relationship. Information concerning prevalence, impact and treatment of depression in DM were analyzed. The prevalence of depression varied from 0 to 60.5%. The presence of depressive symptoms were associated with a poor glycemic control, an increase in the number and severity of clinical complications, a worse quality of life and impairment of social, educational and economic aspects related to DM. The treatment of depression is associated with an improvement in glycemic levels, which may contribute to a better control of several aspects related to DM.

Diabetes mellitus; Glycated hemoglobin; Depression; Depressive symptoms

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