Endogenous hyperinsulinism: review and follow-up of 24 cases

Hypoglycemia due to endogenous hyperinsulinism (EH) is diagnosed in a symptomatic patient with low levels of plasma glucose concomitant with elevated plasma insulin and C-peptide. Causes of EH are pancreatic islet-cells disease, use of insulin secretagogues, and autoimmune hypoglycemia. In this review, the authors studied 24 patients with hypoglycemia due to endogenous hyperinsulinism in order to describe aspects of diagnosis and treatment. Our study demonstrated that after 12 hours of fasting (mini-fasting test; at least three samples), all patients presented the diagnostic criteria for EH. Additionally, we found that 11 of 12 patients (91.7%) who underwent glucagon test achieved glucose levels less than 50 mg/dL and below baseline after 120 minutes. Mini-fasting (3 samples) and glucagon test may be useful to prevent prolonged fasting test to clarify the diagnosis of endogenous hyperinsulinism.

Hyperinsulinism; insulinoma; hypoglycemia; pancreas

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