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Metformin effects upon blood pressure and glucose metabolism of monossodium glutamate induced-obese spontaneously hypertensive rats

OBJECTIVES: To make available experimental model for the metabolic syndrome (MS) and verify effects of chronic oral treatment with metformin upon blood pressure (BP), body weight (BW), glucose metabolism, epididimal fat content (EF). METHOD: Males SHR received monossodium glutamate (MSG, 2 mg/kg/day/sc) during first 11 days of life. Control animals received saline. After 12 weeks, animals were separated in two groups, treated either with metformin 500 mg/ kg/day or vehicle during 12 weeks. PA and BW were determined. At the end of the follow-up, animals underwent an oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) and insulin sensitivity index was determined. Upon sacrifice EF was measured. RESULTS: MSG worsened insulin resistance and induced visceral obesity in SHR, without change BP. Treatment with metformin improved glucose metabolism and reduces EF and BP. CONCLUSIONS: These observations emphasize the role of hepatic insulin resistance on MS and point out for beneficial cardiovascular effects with improvement in the insulin sensitivity.

Insulin resistance; hypertension; obesity

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