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Influence of body composition and age on bone density in relation to levels of physical activity

Thales Boaventura Rachid Nascimento Maria Fátima Glaner Marina Kanthack Paccini About the authors

OBJECTIVES: Verify the physical activity level (PAL), to what extent each body composition component and age influence bone density (BD). METHODS: Samples of 22 men and 42 women (21-51 years) classified with recommended and not recommended PAL for health. The femur's BD measured using DXA. RESULTS: Using a analyzing the stepwise linear regression (p < .05), the age explained negatively BD for all groups, except men with recommended PAL. Among women group with not recommended PAL, the relative fat (%F) and body fat (BF) explained the BD increasing to 0.007 g/cm² per BF kilogram in all regions of interest in the femur. CONCLUSION: The BD in Ward's area has been mostly influenced by age in women. The FM and %F have positive influence on BD among women with low PAL.

Bone density; body composition; physical activity; body fat

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