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Panhypopituitarism due to Wegener's granulomatosis

Pan-hipopituitarismo causado pela granulomatose de Wegener

Wegener's granulomatosis (WG) is a multi-system necrotizing granulomatous vasculitis which classically affects the upper respiratory tract, lungs and kidneys. Pituitary participation has been described in 24 patients in the literature to date. The aim of this article is to report a case of pituitary involvement in WG, and to present a literature review on this association. We present a female patient with WG who evolved with central diabetes insipidus (CDI), panhypopituitarism, and mild hyperprolactinemia. MRI showed an infiltrative pattern. Pituitary involvement has been reported in around 1% of patients with WG, mostly in women. It is represented by CDI and hypopituitarism. MRI generally shows pituitary enlargement, stalk thickening and loss of hyperintensity of the neurohypophysis. Permanent endocrine therapy is generally needed. WG should be considered in cases of CDI and hypopituitarism, essentially if a vasculitis is suspected and more common sellar disorders have been ruled out.

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