Analysis of the mRNA expression of the S100β protein in adipocytes of patients with diabetes mellitus, type 2

OBJECTIVE: This study aims to explore the possible relationship between the expression level of S100β protein mRNA with diabetes mellitus type 2 in adipocytes from patients with this disease in comparison with normoglycemic individuals. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Samples of adipose tissue of eight patients from the coronary section of the Institute Dante Pazzanese of Cardiology (IDPC), four in Group Diabetes and four of Normoglycemic group, were evaluated by RT-PCR real time. RESULTS: An increase around 15 times values, between the threshold cycle (ΔCt), of mRNA expression of S100β protein in adipocytes of the diabetes group was observed in comparison to the control group (p = 0.015). CONCLUSION: Our results indicate, for the first time, that there is coexistence of increased expression of the S100β and the type 2 diabetes mellitus gene.

Diabetes; S100beta; RT-PCR; adipocytes; biomarker

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