Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) preservation by means of dry salting and saturated brine

F.S. Aiura M.R.B. Carvalho E.M.M. Viegas P.G. Kirschnik T.M.A. Lima About the authors

The processes of salting of Nile tilapia fillets (Oreochromis niloticus) submitted to saturated brine and dry salting were observed, and some characteristics that indicate the quality of the product during the storage were evaluated. The brine saturated process was followed up to 156 hours and the dry salting was followed up to 96 hours. When the salting finished, fillets were stored for 45 (dry salting) and 60 days (saturated brine), respectively. The highest values for chloride in fillets (14%) were reached within 72 hours in brine salting and 36 hours in dry salting. The tilapia fillets salted in brine kept the proper characteristics of the product for a period of 45 days and the fillets submitted to dry salting showed low moisture ratios (6%) and a high concentration of lipids (4.6%). Thereby, it is only recommended the salting process in saturated brine to be used as a mean of conservation for Nile tilapia fillets.

fish; salting methods; rancidity; Nile tilapia; storage

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