[Healing of the rectus abdominis muscle in rabbits submitted to laparorrhaphy with suture-based chitosan, chromic catgut and polyglactin 910]

A.P. Alves M.J.C. Sá M.V.L. Fook R.C.A.L. Cruz R.O. Rego M.O. Firmino About the authors


The objective of this study was to evaluate the healing process of the recto-abdominal muscles in rabbits submitted to laparorrhaphy using chitosan-based suture yarn, comparing it to chrome catgut and polyglactin 910 yarns. Twenty-four adult rabbits were divided in to four random groups: chitosan and polyglactin 910 15 days (QP-15 days) and chitosan and polyglactin 910 30 days (QC-30 days), chitosan and polyglactin 910 15 days (QP-15 days) QP-30 days). Each group consisted of six rabbits, in which two incisions were made, one on the right side and one on the left side, and later the laparorraphy with the chitosan yarn on one side and chromed catgut or polyglactin 910 on the other. Clinical-surgical, histological and necropsy findings were evaluated, as well as cytotoxicity and mechanical tests on the chitosan wire. It presented low mechanical and cytotoxic resistance. Chitosan thread did not provide satisfactory healing in rabbits, as it triggered a marked inflammatory response.

biomechanics; surgery; cleft; chitin; tissue repair

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