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Digital angiography in young cattle before and after ruminal acidosis induction

S.L.R. Freitas N.C. Borges A.D.F. Noronha Filho J.R. Cardoso P.J.B. Queiroz R.E. Rabelo L.A.F. Silva About the authors


The objective of this study was to describe vascular net of bovine digit before and after intrarruminal administration of oligofructose, with the use of venography. Six animals sorted in two groups (GI and GII) that received 13 and 17g/kg of oligofructose respectively were used. Digits venography were done in four moments: 15 days before (M0) and 36 hours (M1), seven days (M2) and 30 days (M3) after administration of oligofructose. Width of visualized veins and evaluated possible blood flow vessels suppression was measured. The width was evaluated by ANOVA and T test (5%). In M0 25 structures were identified, including veins, arteries and vascular net in radiographic images. Veins measured were: common digital III and dorsal of distal phalanx and plantar branches to digital cushion of lateral and medial digits. Only V. digital dorsal common III presented higher width after 36 hours and constriction with 30 days (P≤0.05) of oligofructose administration. Comparing moments, vessel dilation on M1 and constriction on other moments. Measurement of vessel width didn´t suffer interference when groups were compared. Venography of bovine digits allowed for the study and identification of changes in vascularization.

anatomy; bovine; laminitis; oligofrutctose; radiography

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