Occurrence of Aeromonas sp. and psychrotrophic microorganisms and estimate the shelf life of "pintado" (Pseudoplatystoma coruscans) fillets kept under refrigeration

This word studied the occurrence of bacteria from genus Aeromonas and estimate the shelf life of "pintado" fish fillets (Pseudoplatystoma coruscans), during cold storage, through the quantification of psychrotrophic aerobic microorganisms, physical and chemical analyses for presence of ammonia and gas sulphide (H2S) and pH as used in 45 samples of "pintado" fillets with approximately 100 grams each, individually packed in high density polyethylene and stored in cold storage (0ºC to 3ºC). Every 2-3 days of storage, 3 units of fillets were subjected to microbiological and physicochemical analysis for a total of 15 days during the storage period. The Aeromonas sp. and psychrotrophic microorganisms count varied from 1.89 to 9.47logCFU/g and 0 to 6.54logCFU/g, respectively. The pH variation was from 6.20 to 6.97 and ammonia and H2S analyses were negative during the whole period. According under Brazilian legislation (Brazil, 1981) estimated the commercial shelf life of "pintado" fillets being 23 days when the pH reached a value of 6.4. The pH of the "pintado" fillets reached the maximum limit of 6.4 at 23 days of storage, being its estimated commercial shelf life.

Aeromonas sp.; psychrotrophic; Pseudoplatystoma coruscans; useful life

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