Equine metacarpophalangeal joint movement using videogrammetry method

R.M. Albernaz R.C. Basile D.P.M. Dias A.O. Paiva-Neto L.M.W. Gomide A. Queiroz-Neto J.C. Lacerda-Neto About the authors

The kinematic pattern of the metacarpophalangeal joint of equine using videogrammetry was evaluated. The three dimensional kinematic analysis were performed in a treadmill using seven Arabian horses. The Dvideo program was used to obtain the three dimensional coordinates from a calibration system and three reflective markers placed on the third metacarpus, metacarpophalangeal joint and proximal phalanx of the left forelimb. After the landing of the hoof, the fetlock extends to maximal loading at mid stance. During the swing phase the joint shows two flexion peaks. This method allows the determination of the flexion and extension angle of the metacarpophalangeal joint during locomotion.

equine; articular angle; metacarpophalangeal; videogrammetry

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