Influence of parity and stage of lactation on the blood biochemical profile of Saanen goats

A.V. Mundim A.S. Costa S.A.P. Mundim E.C. Guimarães F.S. Espindola About the authors

The serum biochemical profile of Saanen dairy goat was investigated with the purpose of analyzing the physiological variations and the influence of lactation order and stage in terms of possible biomarkers to monitor the energetic balance and the metabolic adequacy during lactation. Blood samples were taken from lactating goats at first, second and third lactation. They were collected from the jugular vein in a vacutainer tube with separator gel to obtain sera and to determine protein, metabolite, mineral and enzyme concentrations. The lactation order influence was observed on total protein, glucose, triglycerides, total and ionized calcium, aspartate aminotransferase (AST) and alkaline phosphatase values and the lactation stages on serum concentrations of total proteins, glucose, triglycerides and magnesium, AST and alkaline phosphatase. It was inferred that glucose, triglycerides, total calcium, ionized calcium, magnesium, AST and alkaline phosphatase are effective biomarkers to detect the energetic and mineral imbalance in Saanen dairy goats.

goat Saanen; biochemical profile; lactation

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