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EchoDopplercardiographic indexes of left ventricular function in Boxer and Miniature Schnauzer dogs

The index of myocardial performance (IMP) and others ecoDopplercardiographic indexes of ventricular function were evaluated in dogs of two different breeds and somatotypes. Twenty-four Miniature Schnauzer dogs averaging 8.4±1.6kg and 24 Boxer dogs averaging 25.1±2.6kg were used. IPM, ejection phase indexes, pre-ejection period, pre-ejection period/ejection time relation, and E wave deceleration time of mitral inflow showed correlation to body weight with significant differences between the breeds. Body weight was considered the main breed characteristic responsible for the observed differences. Ejection time (r=-0.51), pre-ejection time (r=-0.44), and isovolumetric relaxation time (r=-0.38) presented correlation with heart rate. The use of pre-ejection period/ejection time relation and ejection time correct by heart rate diminishes the influence of heart rate on the parameters.

dog; myocardial performance; ventricular function; ecoDopplercardiography

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