Partial internal hemipelvectomy as rescue therapy in obstipation in four dogs: case report

Hemipelvectomia caudal parcial interna como terapia de salvamento na obstipação em quatro cães: relato de caso

R.C. Costa P.P. Rossignoli A.C. Facin T.L. Nazaret B.W. Minto L.G.G.G. Dias About the authors


Multiple pelvic fractures can lead to narrowing of the pelvic canal and loss of life quality. Hemipelvectomy, characterized by removal of bone fragments from the pelvis, is considered a rescue therapy. This report describes the technique of caudal partial hemipelvectomy in four cases of obstipation secondary to traumatic pelvic canal narrowing in four dogs, with promising results. All patients had tenesmus and fecal retention. After the procedure, the patients presented immediate normochezia and support of the ipsilateral limb after 10 to 20 days, showing the feasibility of the technique in small animals, providing clinical improvement without walking alterations.

canine; obstipation; pelvic canal stenosis; pelvis; surgery

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