Evaluation of colostral absorption in neonates of Bergamacia breed

C.M.V. Ulian S. Fernandes P.R.R. Ramos A. Dias M.L.G. Lourenço S.B. Chiacchio About the authors

The period of absorption of colostrum macromolecules and the passive immunity transfer of Bergamacia lambs was determined. The serum proteinogram of lambs before the intake of colostrum up 48 hours of life and colostrum fractions between delivery and twelve hours after birth were measured. The total protein concentration in serum was evaluated by refractometry and also its relationship with the density and amount in colostrum. The serum concentration of gamma globulin in lambs from 0.111±0.07g/dL before the intake of colostrum was 1.609±0.72g/dL at 48 hours. In the colostrum samples, the concentration was 3.125±1.27g/dL immediately after delivery and 1.378±0.82g/dL twelve hours after birth. Serum total protein concentration increased from 4.46±0.58g/dL to 5.61±0.75g/dL between birth and after 48 hours, there was positive correlation with the density and total protein colostrum. The lamb had ascendant colostrum absorption subsequent to delivery, for twelve hours and then began its stabilization. The quantification of serum protein with the use of the refractometer in lambs can be used as a method to evaluate the transfer of passive immunity because it is directly related to the absorption of colostral gammaglobulin.

electrophoresis; immune passive transfer; gammaglobulin; lamb

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