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Effect of grain maturity stage on the quality of sorghum BRS-610 silages

Efeito do estádio de maturação dos grãos na qualidade das silagens do sorgo BRS-610

W.G Faria Júnior L.C Gonçalves G.O Ribeiro Júnior W.T.V Carvalho R.M Maurício J.A.S Rodrigues W.G Faria E.O.S Saliba N.M Rodriguez A.L.C.C Borges About the authors

The quality of sorghum BRS-610 silages in seven stages of grain maturity, between the milky and dry stage, for determination of the ideal moment of ensilage was evaluated. The silos were open after 56 days of fermentation. The values for dry matter of silages increased from 199 to 473g/kg or from 19.9 to 47.3%, with the advance of stage maturity of grains. As for the quality of fermentation, the silages may be classified as excellent quality in every stage of maturity. The lower values of neutral detergent fiber, 539g/kg or 53.9%, and acid detergent fiber, 307g/kg or 30.7%, were observed between the milky/dough to dough/dent stages. Regression analysis indicated an increase in values of lignin - 0.3 unit por stage - and reduction in values of in vitro dry matter digestibility - -2.5 units por stage - with the advance of the grain's stage maturity. The ensilage of sorghum BRS-610 between the milky/dough and dough stage ensure very good fermentation and nutritive value of silage.

nutritive value; classification; digestibility; harvest moment; sorghum silage

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