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Evaluation of equine aqueous humor protein


Evaluation of equine aqueous humor (AH) proteins can help the diagnosis of uveitis. However, studies on proteins in this fluid in healthy horses are scarce and present variations according to the methodology employed. This study aimed to perform protein analysis and cytology of equine aqueous humor of healthy horses and verify its correlation with plasmatic proteins. Thirteen adult horses (26 eyes), mixed breed, male or female were evaluated. A volume of 0.5 mL of aqueous humor was collected through aqueocentesis from both eyes. The samples were submitted to protein quantification by modified Bradford method and to sodium dodecyl sulphate - polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE), and to cytological evaluation. Blood was collected for determination of plasmatic protein concentration. Thirteen eyes (50% of the samples) had values larger than zero by the Bradford method, with an average of 40.3 mg/dl±6.45. Electrophoresis showed presence of higher masses of proteins (43 KDa). There were no cells in 96.15% of the samples (25 eyes). Healthy equines presented low protein concentration in the HA. The ratio between protein concentration in the aqueous humor / total plasma protein of 0.56%.

aqueous humor; proteins; horse

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