Serum protein concentrations in healthy dogs and dogs with lymphoma by means of sodium dodecil sulphate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE)

Blood serum samples of ten healthy dogs and 12 dogs with lymphoma were evaluated by means of sodium dodecil sulphate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. There was difference in total protein concentrations among healthy dogs, 7.68g/dL±0.46 and dogs with lymphoma, 7.93g/dL±2.49 values of immunoglobulins A and G presented no difference between groups. Serum proteins with molecular weights 142,000; 110,000; 52,000; 49,000; 24,000; and 18,000 Daltons presented increased concentrations in dogs with lymphoma. Dogs with lymphoma presented increased ceruloplasmin (43.95mg/dL±18.19) and haptoglobin (554mg/dL±449.51) values and lesser albumin concentration (2,908mg/dL±476.67) when compared to healthy dogs (ceruloplasmin: 3.42mg/dL±7.44; haptoglobin: 94.54mg/dL±59.50, and albumin: 4,207mg/dL±206.18). In conclusion, increased ceruloplasmin and haptoglobin and lesser albumin serum concentrations are possibly related to lymphoma in dogs.

dog; lymphoma; serum protein

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