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Controlling Bacillus cereus adherence to stainless steel with different cleaning and sanitizing procedures used in dairy plants

Controle do processo de adesão de Bacillus cereus ao aço inoxidável após diferentes procedimentos de limpeza e sanitização usados na indústria de laticínios

Bacillus cereus adherence to stainless steel used to milk contact surfaces was observed, depending on the cleaning and sanitizing procedures applied and the physicochemical properties of the surfaces. Numbers of surviving B. cereus after hygiene procedures were affected by temperature, the concentrations of both alkaline and acid washes, and the pH of the chlorine solution. The adhesion of B. cereus to the stainless steel was not thermodynamically favorable, and the adherence of this microorganism occurred in lower number, in accordance to the thermodynamic aspect of adhesion.

Bacillus cereus; equipment surface; dairy industry; hygiene procedures

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