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Primary intraocular chondrosarcoma in a dog

Condrossarcoma intraocular primário em cão

A five-year-old male Cocker Spaniel was presented for evaluation of the right eye due to discomfort, abundant purulent discharge and progressive enlargement of the eyeball. The owner revealed that the right eye has appeared to be inflamed and smaller then the left eye for years. Ophthalmic examination revealed corneal perforation, buphthalmia and conjuctival hyperemia. Enucleating was performed due to signs of endophthalmitis and ocular discomfort. Histopathology revealed a multilobulated proliferation of chondrocytes producing hyaline cartilage with occasional pleomorphism and binucleate cells. A diagnosis of primary intraocular chondrosarcoma was done.

chondrosarcoma; dog; intraocular neoplasia

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