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Effects of the extender in the semen post - thaw viability in young dairy Gyr bulls (Bos taurus indicus), pre - selected by breeding soundness evaluation

A.S Felipe-Silva V.R Vale Filho M.B.D Ferreira G.S.S Correa M.A Silva M.M Veras V.J Andrade About the authors

Semen cryopreservation from eight young dairy Gyr bulls was performed using two different semen extenders. Bulls aging 25 months old and pre-selected for a high average score (84.4±5.6 in a 0-100 scale) in Zebu breeding soundness evaluation (BSE) composed the experimental group. Extenders were based on lactosis-egg yolk-glycerol and soya lecithin. Chilling and freezing curves were standardized by CRYOGEN® machine. Post-thaw features evaluated in semen frost in both extenders - motility, vigor, major, minor and total deffects, morphological alteration in acrossome, bent tail, reative cells to hyposmotic sweeling test (Thos), and normal cells - were compared to the ones in the fresh ejaculate (except Thos) and among them. It was possible to freeze semen from all animals in the lactosis-egg yolk-glycerol extender. There were difference (P<0.05) in all analyzed features between fresh and cryopreserved semen, except for major deffects. Between extenders, there were differences (P<0.05) in motility, vigor, bent tail, and Thos. All bulls had successfull semen freezability. These results sustain that pre-selection for high BSE values (average >80 points) is a good index to identify bulls with good post semen - thaw features. However, the choice of the extender is critical for obtaining acceptable results

dairy Gyr bull; semen; freezability; extender; BSE

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