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Survey of mutations in prolificacy genes in Santa Ines and Morada Nova sheep

Pesquisa de mutações em genes da prolificidade em ovelhas Santa Inês e Morada Nova

G.M.L. Holanda J.C. Oliveira D.M.F. Silva S.S.N. Rocha V. Pandolfi M. Adrião A. Wischral About the authors


Polymorphisms in the BMP-15 gene related to Galway (FecXG) and Inverdale (FecXI) and in the BMPR-1B gene known as Booroola (FecB) mutations were investigated using the Polymerase Chain Reaction - Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (PCR-RFLP) method, on sheep from the breeds Santa Inês (n= 574) and Morada Nova (n=282). DNA was extracted and amplified through PCR with specific primers that introduced a restriction site in association with the mutation. The PCR products were submitted to endonucleases. The experiment found no FecXG and FecXI mutations. Six samples of animals with multiple offspring/birth history presented polymorphism for FecB similar to control samples, but this pattern was not confirmed by nucleotide sequencing. Although the absence of these mutations in the studied breeds, other factors related to prolificacy should be investigated to explain the inherent prolificity mechanisms.

Galway; Inverdale; Booroola; sheep; prolificacy gene; Santa Inês; Morada Nova

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