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Sorting and cryopreservation of goat sperm with or without phenolic compounds

[Seleção e criopreservação de espermatozoides caprinos com ou sem compostos fenólicos]

E.C.B. Silva J.I.T. Vieira I.H.A.V. Nery R.A.J. Araújo Silva V.F.M.H. Lima M.M.P. Guerra About the authors


The objectives of this study were to evaluate goat sperm sorting in continuous Percoll® density gradients and gamete freezability, in the presence or absence of phenolic antioxidants. For this, semen pools were sorted, frozen, and evaluated. The non-selected group (NSg) presented lower progressive motility (PM), linearity (LIN), straightness (STR), and wobble (WOB) than the selected groups, and straight line velocity (VSL) compared to those with catechin or resveratrol. The amplitude of lateral head displacement (ALH) was higher in NSg, and quercetin reduced the mitochondrial membrane potential (MMP). After thawing, the NSg presented lower PM than the selected groups, VSL and VAP (average path velocity) than the selected group with or without catechin, LIN and WOB than the selected with or without catechin or resveratrol, and STR than the selected with catechin. Moreover, NSg presented higher ALH and BCF than the samples selected with or without catechin. Plasma membrane integrity and intact and living cells were higher in the selected groups, and MMP was lower in the NSg and the selected group with quercetin. Thus, centrifugation in Percoll® continuous density gradients is a viable methodology to select goat sperm compatible with the freezing, especially in the presence of catechin or resveratrol.

Flavonoids; oxidative stress; semen freezing; sperm selection; stilbenes

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