Influence of biomaterials on the bony consolidation in spayed female dogs

The hydroxyapatite with alendronate and hydroxyapatite with collagen were evaluated in the acceleration of the bony consolidation of adult spayed bitch radius. For that, 14 adult bitches were distributed in two groups (control and spayed). Four months after ovariohysterectomy, the groups were submitted to the surgery for production of a 4mm diameter bony flaw in the distal and proximal third regions of the radius. In the distal region of the right thoracic limb, hydroxyapatite with alendronate was used. In the distal region of the left thoracic limb, hydroxyapatite with collagen was used. Any biomaterial was used in proximal part of the limb. There was a retard in bony flaws consolidation in the spayed bitches. Hydroxyapatite with alendronate showed better result, since the place it was implanted considerably increased the bony formation. Both biomaterials presented biocompatibility, verified by the absence of inflammatory reaction or other undesirable reaction.

bitch; ovariohysterectomy; hydroxyapatite; alendronate; collagen; fracture callus

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