Nutritional value of corn with different qualities for egg pullets in the growing phase

G.S.C.P. Corte Real H.P. Couto M.B. Matos M.S. Lyra A.V.C. Gomes S.R.R. Ferreira About the authors

The experiment aimed to determine the nutritional value of different corn fractions obtained by stratification in a gravity table of replacement pullets. The corn was designated as MDA - high density corn; MDI - medium density corn; MDB - low density corn; MDT - total corn density, composed of 30% MDA, 60% MDI and 10% MDB. To determine the corrected metabolizable energy (AME N) a method for total collection of excreta with pullets Hy Line was used for 15 weeks. AME N (kcal/kg in MN) were: 3467, 3340, 3217 and 3385kcal/kg and density (kg/m³): 818.61, 698.13, 681.80 and 736.39 for MDA, MDI, MDB and MDT, respectively. The MDB showed the highest value in all the digestible amino acids, with higher intensity for the tryptophan. The fractions of corn were variable as to AME N and digestible amino acid profiles, indicating the need for corrections to the nutritional feed formulation of minimum cost.

coefficient metabolizability; metabolizable energy; micotoxin and gravity table

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