Effect of Omega 3 and Vitamin B12 on the spermogram, histomorphometry of the reproductive organs and body temperatures with infrared thermography in Wistar rats

L.M.M. Yamada C.D. Souza I.T. Branco I.B. Andrade F.L.G.B. Deak G.P. Bastos J.G. Silva J.V.R. Amoris L.Y. Yamada P.F.I. Goiozo C.P. Cremasco L.R.A. Gabriel Filho M.G.M. Chacur About the authors


The objective of this study was to study the effect of Omega 3 and vitamin B12 on spermogram, histomorphometry of reproductive organs and body temperature with infrared thermography in Wistar rats. Sixteen rats were used in four groups (n= 4) who received daily injections for 30 days. Control Group - saline solution; Group Omega 3 - fish oil 1g/kg; Group B12 - vitamin B12 3μg and Group Omega 3 + B12 - fish oil 1g/kg and vitamin B12 3μg. Thermographic images of body were obtained. On the 30th day the rats were sacrificed and analyzes of sperm morphology and histomorphometry were performed. Data were submitted to analysis of variance and Tukey's test at 5%. The surface temperature of the scrotum was higher in group B12 (P< 0.05). There were no differences between groups (P> 0.05) for eyeball temperatures. There was a correlation between scrotal temperature and distal cytoplasmic droplet (P= 0.678). Elevation of scrotum temperature results in an increase in the percentage of distal cytoplasmic droplets. The temperature of the eyeball is not significantly influenced by Omega 3 and vitamin B12. Omega 3 reduces the seminiferous epithelium and vitamin B12 minimizes this effect.

fish oil; cyanocobalamin; reproductive system; thermogram

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