[Reproductive potential of Nelore bulls evaluated by andrological parameters and sexual behavior. Classification by points - a new proposition]

V.O. Fonseca C.S. Franco N.A. Azevedo L.Z. Oliveira G.A. Monteiro L.F.L. Cavalcanti L.R. Molina About the authors


This study aimed to compare variations of andrological and behavioral parameters from Nelore bulls of different ages, to calculate their reproductive potential (RP) and propose a new classification table by points, considering current averages in each reproductive trait studied. Data were collected from 6162 breeding soundness examinations of Nelore bulls aged between 12 and 80 months, under natural mating. According to andrological parameters, regardless of the libido test, the number of bulls classified as approved was 88.9% (n= 5480), being 51.6% considered as excellent (n= 2827), 41.2% very good (n= 2257) and 7.2% considered as good (n= 394). Among the animals considered as questionable (n= 682; 11.1%), 79.6% were classified as temporarily reproved (n= 542) and 20.4% (n= 139) as discarded animals. The number of bulls classified as excellent decreased to 752 (12.2%) when sexual behavior data were included to define their RP. It was concluded that the use of tables for andrological classification by points with technical updates improves the reproductive selection of Nelore bulls. The libido test is an important tool for RP determination which provides better utilization of the sires.

andrology; bovine; libido; scrotal perimeter; reproductive potential

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