Vaginal cytology for estrus detection in ocelot (Leopardus pardalis)

Vaginal cytology was evaluated for estrus detection using different stains after hormonal stimulation with exogenous gonadotrophin (eCG/hCG, FSH/LH) and videolaparoscopy for ovarian structure evaluation. Five L. pardalis were treated four times during two years. After each treatment, videolaparoscopy was performed using Ketamine-Xylazine and Isoflurane. Vaginal cytology was made 15 days before and after videolaparoscopy. Three stains were used: Diff Quick, Papanicolaou, and Shorr. The slides were analyzed for the typical cell predominance. All the animals showed mature follicles (>2mm) and recent corpus luteum in all procedures. No significative difference was observed between the results in the same stain according to the treatment eCG/hCG and FSH/LH. All stains were efficient in detection of nucleated and anuclear superficial keratinized cells; intermediated, parabasal, and basal cells. Vaginal cytology can be used for estrus detection in Leopardus pardalis

Leopardus pardalis; estrus; vaginal cytology; reproduction

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