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Vaginal cytology for estrus detection in ocelot (Leopardus pardalis)

R.C.R Paz C.H Adania V.H Barnabe R.C Barnabe About the authors

Vaginal cytology was evaluated for estrus detection using different stains after hormonal stimulation with exogenous gonadotrophin (eCG/hCG, FSH/LH) and videolaparoscopy for ovarian structure evaluation. Five L. pardalis were treated four times during two years. After each treatment, videolaparoscopy was performed using Ketamine-Xylazine and Isoflurane. Vaginal cytology was made 15 days before and after videolaparoscopy. Three stains were used: Diff Quick, Papanicolaou, and Shorr. The slides were analyzed for the typical cell predominance. All the animals showed mature follicles (>2mm) and recent corpus luteum in all procedures. No significative difference was observed between the results in the same stain according to the treatment eCG/hCG and FSH/LH. All stains were efficient in detection of nucleated and anuclear superficial keratinized cells; intermediated, parabasal, and basal cells. Vaginal cytology can be used for estrus detection in Leopardus pardalis

Leopardus pardalis; estrus; vaginal cytology; reproduction

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