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Resection of renal cyst and abscess by laparoscopy in a dog

Renal cysts can be formed anywhere in the nephron and collecting duct system. Some are hereditary, originated during organogenesis, and others could have origin in the normal kidney tissue, after the kidney's development. This report describes the resection of renal cysts and abscesses by laparoscopic surgery in a dog. In order to access the cavity, three portals were used; two with 10mm and another with 5mm diameter, in the right lateral abdominal wall, and in another moment, in the left lateral abdominal wall. It is concluded that the laparoscopic technique with three portals allows the resection of renal cysts and abscesses in dogs, without the occurrence of relapses in the short postoperative time.

surgery; laparoscopy; dog; kidney

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