Clinicopathological aspects of canine lymphoma in Botucatu region, São Paulo, Brazil

J.L. Sequeira M. Franco E.P. Bandarra L.M.A. Figueiredo N.S. Rocha About the authors

This report describes 34 cases of canine lymphoma, all of them referred to the Veterinary Hospital of FMVZ - UNESP in Botucatu - SP, Brazil, comprising, nine German Shepherd dogs, nine mongrels, five Boxers, three Doberman and one of each eigth other breeds. The mean age was 6.2 years, range 1 to 13 years, and 68% of the dogs were males. The stage of the lymphomas was based on the World Health Organization criteria. At the time of diagnosis 32 dogs were at more advanced stages (IIII, IV, and V). Only two dogs were at stage II. The multicentric form was the most common anatomic one. This form was seen in 31 lymphomas. Nevertheless, thymic and alimentary forms were also observed in two and one dogs, respectively.

Dog; lymphoma; neoplasia

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