Fertility rate of heifers of different genetic groups with 1st service at 14 months of age

N.V. Sollecito V.J. Andrade F.A. Barbosa C.F. Lobo H.O. Azevedo P.H.S. Guimaraes About the authors

A total of 98 heifers of three genetic groups: 34 Guzerá (G), 32, 1/2 Guzerá x 1/2 Nelore (GN) and 32 1/2 Red Angus x 1/2 Nelore (AN), 14 month old and average body weight of 249,65kg, raised in Brachiaria brizantha cv Marandu were used to evaluate reconception rates. In the second breeding season (BS), only those 36 pregnant in the first BS (three G, nine GN and 24 AN), age 26 months and body weight of 313.67±25.01kg, 336.50±45.84kg and 399.86±44.45kg, respectively, G , GN and AN were evaluated. The highest reconception rate (58.33%, P<0.05) was registered for the AN group and showed that average daily gain of 0.30±0.06kg, showing that crosses between Bos taurus taurus x Bos taurus indicus leads to higher reproductive and productive performances.

genetic group; heifers; reconception rate; heterosis

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