Effects of 7,5% hypertonic saline in 5% glucose on serum levels of sodium, chloride and potassium in induced hypovolemic horses

A.I. Bordin H.P. Oliveira C.F. Freitas D. Verçosa Junior C.A. Marval M.R. Fonseca G. Pagliosa M.V. Souza G.E.S. Alves About the authors

The effect of isotonic and hypertonic solutions on serum levels of sodium, chloride and potassium and cardiac (CR) and respiratory rates (RR) of hypovolemic horses were studied. Fifteen horses weighting from 390 to 475kg, aging from four to 18-years-old were submitted to bleeding of 2% of body weight and divided in three groups: 7.5% NaCl hypertonic saline in 5% glucose (GSH), 0.9% NaCl isotonic saline and control group (GC). Serum electrolytes were evaluated before (T0) and after bleeding (T1) and after the administration of the solutions between 20 and 30 minutes (T2), 60 and 70 minutes (T3) and 120 and 130 minutes (T4). After T0, CR and RR increased while serum sodium, chloride, potassium were not affected. After the treatment, the clinical variables improved in GSI and GSH as compared to GC. The Na levels increased in GSH at T2 being higher than T3 and T4 while chloride and potassium concentrations did not change. The hypertonic and isotonic solutions safely corrected the hypovolemia of the horses, without altering significantly the electrolyte balance.

horse; fluid therapy; dehydration; electrolyte; blood

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