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Effect of genetic composition in conformation traits in horse

M.D. Costa L.J. Mendes S. Maruch P.A. Ramirez A.C.A. Meneses T. Martins Neto J.R.M. Ruas J.M.A. Chamone About the authors


This study aimed to verify the effect of the genetic conformation of the tarits in horses with different selection goals. In a total of 234 horses, 136 were from the Mangalarga Marchador breed and 90 were Quarter Horse crossed and pure used in vaquejada. The linear measurements of height at the withers, the rump, the back, on the side and pelvic girdle; the length as body, head, neck, backing sirloin, rump, shoulder, arm, forearm, fore cannon, fore pastern, thigh, leg, hind cannon and hind pastern; the chest perimeters of pelvis, fore hind cannon; the head width, chest and hip; and body weight estimated by measuring tape (kg) were recorded. The measured angles of joints were shoulder-floor, scapulohumeral, humerus-radial, metacarpal-phalangeal, pelvis-floor, pelvis-femoral, femoral-tibial-patellar, tibial-tarsal-metatarsal and metatarsal-phalangeal. The statistical model considered the effects of sex, race and sex x race interaction with means compared byt the SNK test at 5% significance level. There was sex x race interaction for all the features of heights and widths for the neck length measures, the back-loin, rump, shoulder, arm, forearm and fore cannon lenght and angulation just scapulohumeral while the race had effect for all angular measurements (P<0.01) except the radial-humeral. The authors concluded that animals of Mangalarga Marchador and Quarter are genetically different biotypes in their linear and angular measurements and the differences between races may be associated with the type of running and the functionality assigned to each induced selection.

horse; performance; angle measure; morphometric measure

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